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slow re-bound PU insole

PU-201 | PU Foam Slow Rebound Insole


Material: Yellow memory PU foam, Grey velvet.

Size:   L: US 8-12
           M: US 6-9
           S: US 2-5


1. Improves shoe fit and comfort and provides all-day comfort and shock absorption. 
2. Deodorizing, anti-bacterial
3. Fits for any shoes and trims to fit   

Foam Insoles

arch support insole

PU-202 | PU Foam Arch Support Insole for Kid


Material: PU foam, Grey suede.

Size:   19-23. 24-27, 28-31, 32-35


1. Human Engineering design

2. eco-friendly and breathable suede fabric, light  weight PU bottom
3. Arch support design to support the foot bottom and rectify the foot shape

PU arch support insole

PU-203 | PU Foam Arch Support Insole


Material: Green  PU foam, black plastic support, orange pad and fabric.

Size:   S:35-37           M: 38-40
           L: 41-43           XL:44-46


1. High durability PU, strong arch support. 
2. Double pads of the heel and forefoot, good shock absorption.
3. Fits for any shoes and trims to fit   

PU comfort sport insole

PU-204 | PU Foam Comfort Insole


Material: Black PU Foam+ Blue PU Gel+Grey velvet.

Size:   M: US 8-13
           W:US  6-11


1. Extremely durable anti-microbial top cover foam, engineered for proper density, rebound and shock absorption, provides superb cushioning, even pressure point distribution, and molds to specific foot details
2. Unique designs cushions all day long.
3. Cooling vents designed to keep feet cool, dry and comfortable.
4. The shape of heels provides  support to over-worked arch zones.
5. Massaging gel honeycombed design acts like tiny springs to cushion feet all day long.

PU foam insole

PU-205 | PU Foam Comfort Insole


Material: Yellow memory PU foam, blue PU foam pads, Grey velvet

Size:  S/M/L


1. Helps to provide shock absorption and reduce wallop for sport shoes use.
2. Solf pu foam,can absorb wallop,reduce the burden of toe,knee and the waist..the red gel on forfoot and heel will bring you more comfort.
3. One size fit all,cut along the outline on the insole that matches you.                            4. Superior foams, engineered for proper maximum rebound and shock absorption, it absorbs opposing energy from the ground and your body to distribute heavy impacts with a quick resilient snap back.

in-sock height increase insole

PU-206 | In-sock Heightenning Insole


Material: PU foam, Polyester foam

Size:  W/M


1. Can be  invisiable in -sock
2. Can be used outside of the socks as a heel cup.
3. Increasing height by: 2-2.5 cm 
4. Comfortable design reduces foot pressure
5. Soft for standing for long periods
6. Fits inside many kinds of shoes

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